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PEUGEOT Summer Drive 2017 Plate Runout


Enjoy worry-free motoring this summer. Get 3 years' free servicing* on all 2017 new and demo PEUGEOT models.

We're clearing out all 2017 models in our showroom to make way for new stock.




This offer ends January 31, 2018, so contact us today!


*Applies only to eligible vehicles, bought and delivered by January 31, 2018, for the first 3 years, commencing on the date of first registration.  Eligible vehicles are entitled to free standard scheduled maintenance (ie, logbook) services at participating PEUGEOT dealers.  Free scheduled maintenance services may only be redeemed in accordance with the vehicle’s service schedule printed in the service passport, and are of limited scope.

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Peter Warren Peugeot - Warwick Farm

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