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Safety Check and Brake Pad Replacement Offer


Ensure that your PEUGEOT is performing at its peak with our $249* 30-point safety check (including oil and filter change).

Safety Check and Brake Pad Replacement Offers For PEUGEOT Vehicles 3+ Years

School holidays are around the corner and road trips are being planned.

What better time to ensure that your PEUGEOT is performing at its peak by having a safety check (including oil and filter change) at your PEUGEOT dealer? As part of the comprehensive PEUGEOT AfterCare program we are pleased to offer you our safety check at low cost.

And if required, we can replace your brake pads at a special offer price too.



30-point safety check, performed by factory-trained technicians, including oil and filter change


$219 - $439*

Upgrade to front or rear brake pad replacement for an additional $219 - $439* (depending on the model)


Factory Expertise at Unbeatable Prices

Our aim is, and always has been, to maintain your PEUGEOT through the the expertise of our factory trained technicians whilst reducing the cost of ownership as your vehicle ages. Enjoy the benefits of factory trained technicians, PEUGEOT genuine parts and PEUGEOT customer service at unbeatable prices.

Should there be any areas of concern identified during the check, we will consult with you and gain your approval before commencing any further work.

Simply contact us today.


*Offers valid on PEUGEOT vehicles with warranty start dates which are 3 years old or over. Offer ends May 31, 2017.

- 206 Front Brake Pads fitted $269
- 206 Rear Brake Pads Fitted $269
- 207 Front Brake Pads fitted $219
- 207 Rear Brake Pads Fitted $219
- 307 Front Brake Pads fitted $239
- 307 Rear Brake Pads Fitted $239
- 407 Front Brake Pads fitted $339
- 407 Rear Brake Pads Fitted $339
- 308 Up to MY13 Front Brake Pads fitted $229
- 308 Up to My13 Rear Brake Pads Fitted $229
- 4007 Front Brake Pads fitted $339
- 4007 Rear Brake Pads Fitted $439
- Partner Front Brake Pads fitted $259

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